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Power Sport Vehicles such as motorcycles, ATV’s, snowmobiles, boats and personnel water crafts are notorious for being "easy marks" to professional thieves.

Motorcycle thefts alone in America, increased by 135% from the year 2000 to 2005, and are estimated to be in excess of 100,000 units per year, at a cost of nearly a half a billion dollars.

Existing power sport anti theft technologies such as wheel locks, steering locks, smart keys, alarms and engine immobilizers have stood little chance against the organized theft rings that are responsible for the vast majority of power sport vehicle theft. These "Organizations" can "lift and load" your power sport vehicle in under a minute and then go to work on the aforementioned anti theft products in the safe confines of their garages or chop shops.

It is with this information in mind, that Certified Secure Identification introduces our Power Sport Security and Recovery System. These tiny microdots (I-DOT™) are applied in large quantities and in multiple locations and are placed in both hidden and visible areas.

There are "I-DOT™ Protected" warning labels applied to highly visible points of the vehicle. This will notify would be criminals that if stolen their work has just begun. The task of finding and removing all the identifying microdots  before your power sport vehicle can be rebirth or sold for parts is generally recognized as  too difficult and risky, so therefore is passed over in favour of one without I-DOT™ (microdot) marking.

Microdot marking is globally respected as the most effective and cost efficient way to protect your property. 

The latest theft statistics show that there has been an 18% drop in theft of models sold in the past two years that have carried microdots compared to the models sold in the previous two years. That figure includes bikes stolen and recovered, but the theft of bikes that were stolen and never recovered has shown even better improvement, with the numbers dropping by almost 25%. (Press release)

The Automobile industry has seen microdot marking reduce the theft of vehicles by as much as 86% in Australia. This success has prompted a global initiative to implement a comprehensive microdot "Whole of Vehicle Marking" (WOVM) program.






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